Sunday, April 25, 2010

Final Post?

Well, I did it. I started this class feeling weary of all the new technology, but managed to learn all that was required and more, without too much trouble. The copyright exam was thorough, but not too difficult. I reread many sections as I worked on the exam and found myself understanding the rules better on the second reading. It does not feel as overwhelming as it did the first time. I also felt more relaxed this week with most of my school work done. My resume was completed on Sunday and although it contains most of what I think is important, I don't know if it will be impressive to a potential employer. My experience in the field of Library Science is still quite limited, but that should change as I complete the program. I hope to find some part-time work in a library this year as I need more working experience. I hope this resume will look good enough to get that starting position. Still waiting for feedback from Prof. Allen.

The topic of discussion this week was centered on just two documents on change in education. The first was a story written in the 1930's about people resisting changes needed to survive, even when they were very obvious and the second document was the result of research on the need to incorporate 21st technologies into the curriculum in schools-the tools that students will need for the future. The relationship between the articles demonstrates the cyclical nature of change and resistance in society, and also the need to be an independent thinker that persists for needed changes in the way we live and learn. I saved these article in my Diigo account, so I can reflect on them again in the future.

So the question now is "will I continue this blog for the remainder of my graduate work?" It could be useful, as I believe it was for this class. I love the idea of a blog, but when time is short, it may not get much attention. I started a blog for my cycling activity about six weeks ago and have not posted since! I have never been a writer, so this is work for me. I do love to read what other people are blogging about though. I also read everything that Will Richardson writes about in his blog and on Twitter. He is a real role model for me in his enthusiasm, knowledge and use of web 2.0 tools. Since I began following him on Twitter, I find I use this micro-blogging platform more often. I still don't say much myself though. Will I ever become a dedicated, interesting writer? Maybe if I had more than one follower. As a school librarian, I would like to be as inspirational as Will Richardson someday, so there is my reason to continue blogging!

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