Sunday, April 4, 2010

Professional Development

Well, now that I have finished the professional development workshop assignment, I don't know if I'll ever have enough time to do it again, especially if I am working full time. It seems like this assignment took weeks to put together. Maybe if I created a power point more often, it would not be so difficult. This was my first power point and I do think it turned out OK, hopefully Susan Allen will think so anyway! I nearly forgot everything I learned when we had the tutorial on creating power points four weeks ago. This is the type of information that I think you need to use to remember. Also, learning about WebQuests was quite time consuming, but interesting. I'm surprised by the number of teachers who say they have never used one. My son told me he did one once, but did not like it. That surprised me too- they seem like a great learning tool.

This was a long day with not only the prof. dev assignment, but also with it being Easter. I had to do the Easter egg hunt with my son, which he still enjoys at eleven years of age. Then quiche to make for the family brunch. The brunch was nice, but I think we stayed too long as I have not been away from the computer with school work since returning around 3:00pm. Too tired to continue. More later!

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